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 * ***** END COPYRIGHT BLOCK *****/

#ifndef _PKCS11N_H_
#define _PKCS11N_H_

#ifdef DEBUG
static const char CKT_CVS_ID[] = "@(#) $RCSfile: pkcs11n.h,v $ $Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2006/06/09 18:39:11 $ $Name:  $";
#endif /* DEBUG */

 * pkcs11n.h
 * This file contains the NSS-specific type definitions for Cryptoki
 * (PKCS#11).

 * Cryptoki reserves the high half of all the number spaces for
 * vendor-defined use.  I'd like to keep all of our Netscape-
 * specific values together, but not in the oh-so-obvious
 * 0x80000001, 0x80000002, etc. area.  So I've picked an offset,
 * and constructed values for the beginnings of our spaces.
 * Note that some "historical" Netscape values don't fall within
 * this range.
#define NSSCK_VENDOR_NETSCAPE 0x4E534350 /* NSCP */

 * Netscape-defined object classes

 * Netscape-defined object attributes
#define CKA_MOZ_IS_COOL_KEY          (CKA_NETSCAPE +  24)
#define CKA_MOZ_ATR                     (CKA_NETSCAPE +  25)
#define CKA_MOZ_TPS_URL                 (CKA_NETSCAPE +  26)

#endif /* _PKCS11N_H_ */