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<pkmkdoc spec="1.12">
		<title>CACKey for Mac OS X Panther</title>
		<userSees ui="both"/>
		<min-target os="1"/>
		<domain system="true"/>
		<versions min-spec="1.000000"/>
		<choice title="CACKey PKCS#11 Library (Core)" id="cackey" starts_selected="true" starts_enabled="true" starts_hidden="false">
			<pkgref id=""/>
			<pkgref id=""/>
		<choice title="CACKey PKCS#11 Library (Debug)" id="cackeydebug" starts_selected="true" starts_enabled="true" starts_hidden="false">
			<pkgref id=""/>
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{\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 LucidaGrande;}

\f0\fs26 \cf0 Release information:\
    pkg: CACKey\
 author: US Army Corps of Engineers\
Mac build contact: Kenneth Van Alstyne <>\
                   US Army Corps of Engineers\
                   Information Technology Laboratory\
                   Vicksburg, MS 39180\
contact: Roy Keene <>\
The following files in the source directory are the intellectual property of the\
Free Software Foundation and are licensed under the terms of the GNU General\
Public License (GPL):\
	config.guess, config.sub, install-sh\
The files in the source directory and the "leakcheck" directory are the intellectual\
property of the United States Government.  It is not clear which, if any,\
license is made on them.  In addition, as of 07-JUN-2010 they have not be\
cleared for public release.\
The files in the "pkcs11/" directory are licensed under the terms of the\
following licenses:\
	mypkcs11.h : GNU General Public License 2.1.\
	pkcs11.h   : GNU General Public License 2.1.\
	pkcs11f.h  : GNU General Public License 2.1.\
	pkcs11n.h  : Mozilla Public License or GNU General Public License\
	pkcs11t.h  : GNU General Public License 2.1.}]]>
			<resource mime-type="text/rtf" kind="embedded" type="readme">
{\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 LucidaGrande;}

\f0\fs26 \cf0 Thank you for choosing to install CACKey.\
To use CACKey, install /Library/CACKey/libcackey.dylib or\
/usr/lib/pkcs11/cackey.dylib as a security module into any application that can use a PKCS#11 provider.\
A debug version, /Library/CACKey/libcackey_g.dylib is provided if debug output is necessary.}]]>
	<item type="file">01libcackey.xml</item>
	<item type="file">02libcackey.xml</item>
	<item type="file">03libcackey.xml</item>