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History for md5.h

CACKey 0.6.2

Updated to include sha1.c, md5.c, and asn1-x509.c in the cackey.c translation unit so that these symbols never get exported and conflict with existing programs

Updated to try harder to remove and weaken symbols from shared object file: [0cd9bc1df4] check-in: [02f5cea2da] user: rkeene, branch: trunk, size: 1475 [annotate] [blame] [check-ins using] [diff]

Added: Updated to include DoD root CAs as objects in the PKCS#11 module

Updated to include Netscape Trust Objects ( in PKCS#11 module

Added more attributes to scan for to test driver file: [b79bd59b09] check-in: [5027cbae9b] user: rkeene, branch: trunk, size: 1454 [annotate] [blame] [check-ins using]