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Department of Defense Common Access Card PKCS#11 Provider

CACKey is a PKCS#11 compliant library that provides access to the cryptographic and certificate functions US Goverment Smartcards (cards that comply to Government Smart Card Interoperability Specification v2.1). It supports all versions of the Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC), including the new 144K CACs.

It requires a PC/SC interface to the smartcard. This can be provided by PCSC-Lite, the SunRay PCSC-Lite, or the Microsoft Windows Native PC/SC Driver.

Homepage (Common Access Card required. See Forge.mil FAQ.)

CACKey has been tested on and is released in binary form for the following platforms:

  • Solaris
    • SPARC / UltraSPARC
    • x86 / x86_64
  • Linux
    • x86
    • x86_64
  • Windows
    • x86
    • x86_64
  • Mac OS X
    • ppc
    • ppc64
    • x86_64

As of version 0.6.1, the Mac OS X version of CACKey includes a Tokend to handle PKCS#11 providers. This is especially important on Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion).